Currently working as a Junior Engineer at Credovita. Previously doing blockchain development as an Intern at Proudcloud.

I conceptualized and co-designed Examify, an app that helps students study for exams by challenging their friends to quizzes. The project is currently in alpha stage.

I’m passionate about building student startup communities. I co-founded and helped manage Startup School, a community of collaborative learners working to understand and solve the world’s problems and achieve personal growth in the process.

I’m also passionate about music. In my second year, I founded Green Music Collective, a community for independent musicians and music-lovers in my university.

My Toolset

The technology stack I'm most comfortable with:


I create high-fidelity prototypes in a multi-user environment to better communicate developer handoffs.


My workflow for creating landing pages involves constant deploys using Netlify to get immediate feedback from clients.


I specialize in writing smart contracts and Ethereum tokens using the ERC-721 standard.


I made sure to comprehensively study JS before diving into frameworks, starting from basic data types to the vagaries of ES6 and beyond.


I enjoy designing native Android apps that embrace material design.


I use Hugo to create highly performant websites for clients, with average build-times of less than a second.